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3D Mammography

25% of women skip their annual mammograms due to discomfort, anxiety and pain. Getting a mammography can be scary and stressful and that is why TRMC offers the Senographe Pristina 3D Mammography Machine.

The Seno Pristina is a medical piece of art instead of a cold piece of medical equipment you typically see. Featuring rounded edges, elegant lighting, and pale rose coloring are meant to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.

The Seno Pristina is not just an elegant design. It can reduce discomfort, improve image quality and reduce repeat scans by improved positioning. With the 3D technology the Seno Pristina offers, our images deliver incredible quality and superior diagnostic accuracy. Plus, it offers the same low dose as a 2D exam, which is the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved systems.

You won’t be able to find care like this within 100 miles. Make sure to call TRMC to schedule your 3D Mammography exam today!

Bone Density

Currently unavailable due to routine maintenance

TRMC offers the Prodigy Advance Bone Density machine that provides high performance, efficient and has the versatility to offer bone density test and body composition analysis. With a proven and dependable DXA system it offers scalability to meet your basic to advanced bone health and metabolic health diagnostic needs.

The Prodigy Advance delivers exceptional precision and low-dose radiation. You can depend on Prodigy to provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat.

The Prodigy Advance has third generation DXA technology with over 30 years of innovations.

You won’t be able to find care like this within 100 miles. Call TRMC to schedule your Bone Density exam today!

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