Trauma Room

TRMC equipped our trauma rooms with doctors and nurses who handle a variety of conditions to provide the top level of care. Emergency rooms serve patients suffering from major traumatic injuries such as; falls, motor vehicle collisions, gunshot wounds or other major traumas ranging from an ankle sprain to a heart attack. Any emergency that comes our way TRMC will be able to provide you with care you find within 100 miles!

Triage Room

A triage room is used to sort patients to provide them with the best possible care that fits your individual needs. In our triage room you will be greeted by a nurse who will go over a list of medical questions to determine the type of care you need to make your visit as beneficial and efficient as possible.

Private Exam Room

TRMC offers seven private exam rooms for same day surgeries, for the small procedures that do not require you to stay overnight. Some services include: Wellness and prevention, such as counseling and weight-loss programs and diagnosis such as lab tests and MRI scans. No matter what your medical needs are TRMC will will provide you individualized top of the line care.


TRMC wants to ensure the utilization of TRMC Health Care so we have developed a Helipad to be used for air medical-related transports when needed. While helicopters can land on relatively any flat surface the helipad gives a clearly marked hard surface way from all obstacles where the aircraft can land safely. 

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