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Computed Tomography (CT) is one of the most important diagnostic tools a healthcare provider uses. CT is a non-invasive and efficient way to look inside the body at organs, soft tissues, vascular structures, and bones.

Going in for a CT exam can be very stressful and cause anxiety for a lot of patients. TRMC offers the Revolution EVO CT system that was designed from the ground up. Revolution CT provides uncompromised image quality and clinical capabilities across all areas through the convergence of whole organ coverage, speed and image quality all in one CT system.

TRMC hopes to reduce that anxiety with a 50% quieter scanning, soft ambient lighting, and a relaxing visual pattern. Revolution CT comes equipped with next generation of low dose reconstructive technology that consistently reduces dose up to 82% with the same image quality. Because of Revolution CT’s fast imaging speed, patients with high heart rates or an irregular heart rhythm may not be required to take special medication to slow their heart.

You won’t be able to find care like this within 100 miles. Make sure to call TRMC to schedule your CT Scan today!


TRMC has just offers the Optima MR450w 1.5 T with GEM Suite Coil technology within our imaging services. This advanced system from GE Healthcare is designed to help maximize comfort for patients undergoing MR exams. Features include:

  • A 70 cm wide bore to add patient space for comfort
  • A table surface with different cushion densities designed to alleviate pressure points
  • A coil array that offers feet-first imaging for all exam types

This system also delivers uncompromised imaging capability for the most advanced and demanding exams. The soft, flexible GEM Suite coils follow body contours while facilitating high resolution, signal-tonoise (SNR) imaging from the top of the head down to the feet. Plus, advanced functionality gives you the tools to help you make definitive diagnoses.

You won’t be able to find care like this within 100 miles. Make sure to call TRMC to schedule MRI exam today!

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